Photograph by Dariusz Kanarek

Your story is warm, funny, and guides the listener on a memorable journey. You are a wonderful storyteller.

~ C.M. Conway, Filmmaker and Multimedia Storytelling Consultant, “How to Successfully Fail in Hollywood”

Adair is a spirited, highly creative and always reliable collaborator. As an artist, she pushes boundaries all to achieve her sharply defined vision. She has been a tireless and inventive collaborator in a number of community projects we have been involved in at the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County and will never let you down.

~ David Green Culture Connector

I’ve admired and collected Adair’s fine art for 30 years. Her art speaks to me of honesty, thoughtfulness, energy, and peace, and at times, a humorous spoof. I am fortunate to have two pieces from her Tee-Pee series, and a few floral watercolors. I love her colors and shapes, and the messages she sends, even though you may not discover them right away. Adair’s ease with a brush shows so clearly in the floral watercolors – they’re graceful and enigmatic, with just enough there… and just enough NOT there. I look forward to acquiring more from Adair to add to my collection. Her work is very dear to me.

~ Patrice Barrett

Adair is an excellent teacher and award-winning writer. She is an engaging speaker and experienced instructor. Her prose is top-notch; her mastery of written language is both impressive and delightful. Adair was a guest lecturer in the college writing class I teach and I know the students benefited greatly from the advice and guidance she shared. Adair read from her published works, demonstrating the strength and clarity of her style and her rare ability to “capture the moment” in precise language. Adair really knows her stuff and I would be delighted to have her return to our class!

~ Mike Barlow, award-winning author, editor, and ghostwriter

Where else but through story, artfully told, could you sit in one place and travel through decades and across the globe, artfully and heartfelt.

~ Denise Page, I.D.E.A.L. Equity Coach, Consultant, and Story Artist
Women Tell: Our Stories Through the Decades, Madison, CT

We’d love to have Miss Adair back. She did an inclusive job and the students loved learning from her!

~ STEAM Magnet School Teacher, Norwalk, CT

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