Welcome to my website: I communicate through literary and visual arts in all forms —  the spoken word on stage; in front of classrooms of all ages in-person and online; the written word through personal narrative essays and haiku; and by creating and exhibiting my original fine art.


Performing my original true stories on stage, with universal messages about creativity, transformation, loss, and resilience, with humor and poignancy, stimulates audiences. They tell me how inspired they are by hearing stories from my deepest self expressed in poetic and innovative ways. They tell me I’ve beautifully recited my life’s complexities and how touched they are to hear them. The act and art of storytelling generates community. To learn more about my storytelling, please click here.

Where else but through story, artfully told, could you sit in one place and travel decades and across the globe, artfully and heartfelt. Thank you for your story Adair.

– Denise Page, Equity Coach, Consultant, and Story Artist/Women Tell: Our Stories Through the Decades


Sharing stimulating information to a classroom of students inspires and expands their ways of thinking, how they see the world, and how to communicate that from their unique points of view. I teach in a non-judgmental and energizing manner that encourages individual expression. To learn more about my teaching, please click here.

Adair is an excellent teacher, engaging speaker, and experienced instructor … Adair really knows her stuff and I would be delighted to have her return to our class!

– Mike Barlow, Award-winning Author, Editor, Ghostwriter, and Educator


Stringing words together propels me deeper into understanding what it means to be human. Using symbolism and metaphor to convey wholehearted meanings I write all-inclusive themes. Grappling with and untangling true and challenging issues, or expressing profound connection with nature, or the power of redemption after adversity, are all facets of my work. It is published in books and online as I capture the moment in precise language in prose and poetry. To learn more about my writing, please click here.

Adair your story is wonderful and a beautiful honoring of the deeper relationship we can have with our animal allies.

– Sacred Stories Publishing and Media


Creating and communicating on paper with color, texture, and layers brings the visual poetic … a picture is worth a thousand words. I make nuanced and mysterious abstract images as well as gutsy explorations of life. I work in printmaking, photography, and mixed media. Currently, I am creating a one-woman, multi-media, visual and performance art show, that I will be taking on the road thus combining all my creative silos into one art form. To learn more about my artwork, please click here.

I’ve admired and collected Adair’s fine art for 30 years. Her art speaks to me of honesty, thoughtfulness, energy, and peace, and at times a humorous spoof.

– Patrice Barrett, Painter and Printmaker