adair_heitmann_by_andy_chipmanAdair Heitmann is an award-winning artist, writer, and speaker, who traverses the worlds of creativity and wellness. Her fine art graces homes and offices in the U.S. and Canada. Her infectious spirit as an art instigator plus her workshops, essays, and blogs inspire innovative thinking, teach useful strategies, and prompt action.

I’ve admired and collected Adair’s fine art for 30 years. Her art speaks to me of honesty, thoughtfulness, energy, and peace, and at times, a humorous spoof. I am fortunate to have two pieces from her tipi series, and a few floral watercolors. I love her colors and shapes, and the messages she sends, even though you may not discover them right away. Adair’s ease with a brush shows so clearly in the floral watercolors — they’re graceful and enigmatic, with just enough there…and just enough NOT there. I look forward to acquiring more from Adair to add to my collection. Her work is very dear to me.
~ Fine art collector
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Her award-winning original fine art appears in exhibitions in NYC, New England, and the United Kingdom. click-here-for-fine-art-resume. Go to Fine Art Images to see sampling of artwork. She has received national honors and awards for art and graphic design. Adair received a grant from The Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism and three awards from the American Corporate Identity Association. See a sampling of her art and design work (1974 – 2012) here.

International Exhibitions:
Overheard in front of my clay monoprint at the Pendle Heritage Centre Gallery during the Pendle Print Fest in Lancashire, England, “Now I could really live with that one!”

U.S. Exhibitions:
Anything Goes
juried group exhibition, Honorable Mention award
The Stamford Art Association in the Ferguson Library Gallery
Stamford, CT

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