Soothing the Raw Edges of a Creative Life

I’m getting ready to lead my writing critique group and should be preparing my writing to share, but instead, I’m writing to you in my first post of 2012. As artists, writers, creative, and divergent thinkers, we can attest to being vulnerable, scared, and paralysed. Life alone can do this to us then we add, of our own volition, the stress of putting our tangible expressions out there, into the world to be viewed and judged.

Yesterday I was reminded, yet again, about the benefits of meditation. Disclaimer–I’ve been meditating for years–but it sure does help when someone else tells me how good it is! I’ve included an essay by Orna Ross here, it is so well written and inspiring too. Jane Friedman posted it on her blog and I learned of it through Facebook, ahhhhh the joys of sharing through social media.

My favorite line is:
“Meditation soothes those edges and creates a place of safety from where we can take risks.”

Creativity and wellness message for today: Claim your essential self.

P.S. Should I forego my shower and meditate instead?

Art Show Gifts

Recently I entered two paintings in a local art show. Mind you, I hadn’t submitted work to an exhibit in two years. Life just got in the way. Concentrating on choosing the right framed watercolors from my studio (a clean corner of the basement), I felt my excitement mounting at the thought of showing my work again. I used to eat, sleep, and breathe art before I got a real life. Yet, every time I step back in the stream of art my pulse quickens. I’m in my element again.

The art opening was glorious, and I was thrilled when one of my watercolors sold. Validation! Joy! Connection! All those feelings mixed together into a cocktail of delight. I was still on a creative high, when one month after the show ended a second watercolor sold. Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that turns into the greatest gift. The first gift of connection between artist and collector was wonderful then to have a second one follow was the tastiest icing on the cake.

Creativity and wellness message for today: Accept the gifts of recognition in honor of your creative expression, let them fill your heart.

Turning Thoughts Into Action

This morning I lit a candle and wrote in my journal for the first time in a long time. Felt good claiming sacred space for my inner process. Afterwards, an intuitive thought crashed into my awareness. Today became the day I cleared off my writing desk. I have two desks in my writer’s studio, one for the computer and one for writing longhand. My longhand desk has been covered with organized piles of good and important stuff for two years.

Bringing up a big, brown garbage bag I began to edit and toss. Rhythmic music, drumbeat and chimes accompanied my clear-out energy and I made time to follow-through on many of the items that needed tending. I feel like a yoke has been lifted from my shoulders. Oddly it’s connecting me to my artist self again.

I’m reminded of Twyla Tharp’s quote, “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” I feel like I ran away today, clearing out actually immersed me in my art all day!

Creativity and wellness message for today: Turn your intuitive thought into action and see where it takes you.

Joy of Being

It’s Friday, and it is cool and misty here on the coast. Wish I could spend more time outside though, but I’m trying to fit 5 days worth of work into one morning. Does this sound like you? It seems like there is so much to do with so little time. Somehow, in the recesses of my unconscious mind, a thought from last month bubbles up. I’m reminded of a program I gave entitled “Creativity & Well-being.” One of the participants was enthralled about what she learned. She exclaimed, “I always thought being creative had to do with being an artist! I never knew it had to do with joy of being.”

Having the opportunity to write you in this blog, gives me the gift of reflection. Even in my busy day I’m taking a moment and remembering that particular workshop and that colorful room filled with feisty, opinionated, single mothers. My shoulders relax, I smile as I reminisce about their happy, glowing faces at the end of the program.

Creativity and wellness message: Be in the moment of your own life. Take a breather and let a pleasant memory surface, let it fill your senses. Creativity=joy of being.